We All Have It, But Don’t Talk About It

What Does Everyone Have?

We all have a side of our personality that we may consider to be boring. Even if we do not, it is side of us that is often viewed as mundane by most people. It comes out almost every day for each of us. Some of us let it out more often than others, and mostly become that boring side due to a variety of reasons. Let us call this part of our personality: Shadow. 

Shadow comes out when we are alone, performing a task, and hanging out with close family we trust. Shadow is firm and is uninfluenced by ideologies. Despite that, Shadow wants to fit in with the rest of the world, but that requires compromise. Shadow is cautious of losing silence and stillness. These traits are meaningful because they necessary for us to study our emotions and thoughts. We need Shadow’s abilities of silence and stillness to help us listen to ourselves more carefully. Most people make the trade, gain comfort by “fitting in”, and lose their Shadow in the process.

So What is Really the Problem?

Throughout most of what we experience, Shadow’s silence and stillness is misunderstood. It is usually associated with boredom and being uninteresting. We are constantly surrounded by stimuli that prevent us from reaching Shadow’s traits of silence and stillness. Even if you did not make the trade, chances are, you have not been in contact with your Shadow for fear of being perceived as boring and uninteresting. The more people think this way, the more it becomes a popular belief or idea that no one should be in touch with their Shadow side. This is why the general public promotes the absence of Shadow.

          No one wants to stay still.
No one wants to be silent.
No one wants to appear boring.
If you appear boring, you will not fit in.
To quickly fit in, just ignore Shadow.

What happens if you ignore Shadow?

Ignoring Shadow means disconnecting from your own emotions and not controlling your thoughts.

Ignoring Shadow means trading silence for depression and stillness for anxiety. The few people who do not ignore Shadow are often loners. They are the small percentage of people who would rather remain present in their inner truth instead of living a lie to appear a certain way to the world.

What Can I Do to Protect My Shadow?

Imagine having people in your life that recognize the Shadow side of you, but still accept it. Seek people who are coming to terms with their Shadow as you are as well. These would be people who accept silence so there would be no awkwardness. These people would have accepted stillness, so there is always clarity and pure intent. The absence of awkwardness means the mind will not go into over analytical mode, which helps regain emotional stability with people who are in the same process. As we change our thoughts and emotions (with Shadow’s help), we also change our circumstances. These changes bring forth the support we all seek from other people and ourselves.

The amount of work needed to be done to attract these people varies. It is dependent on your unique experience. Everyone perceives their inner Shadow differently, so their everyday lives will also be different from everyone else’s. Understanding that everyone, including ourselves, has a part of themselves that is outwardly perceived as negative will help everyone become more vulnerable.

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